Credit Suisse Gold Bars & Gold IRAs

Many Americans are trying to figure out how to diversify their IRA funds in the face of economic hardships. Gold bullion is a good option, but this is often overlooked. This article will explain some of the important points to keep in mind when you are considering adding gold bullion to your IRA in gold.

Adding Gold To Your IRA Some still believe that only the 22 karat American Gold Eagle is allowed in an IRA. Tax Payer Relief Act of97 amended this law to allow for gold bullion. There is an advantage to gold bars over gold coin coins in that they carry a smaller “mark-up” or ‘premium”. You will pay less for them to buy. You will pay a smaller premium for larger bars. If you’re looking to add 10oz Gold Bullion to your IRA you will pay less if one 10oz or more bars than 10 1oz.

There are a few legal issues to be aware when buying gold bars

IRA Gold bullion bars must have a minimum purity (or 9950 fineness) of 99.50%. Credit Suisse bars of gold are perfect because they are 99.99% pure and 9999 fineness (also known within the industry as Four 9’s Gold’).

NYMEX, the US’s biggest bullion trading exchange, must stamp the bars. Valcambi, one of these approved assayers is Valcambi. Valcambi is a famous refinery in Switzerland. Credit Suisse gold bars are manufactured exclusively by the company for over 40 year. Every bar has their trademark CHI Essayeur Fondeur.

Recommended Companies
So how can you add bullion gold to your IRA account? Entrust as well as Goldstar are two companies that have a lot of experience in this field. For more information, you can visit the internet. They can help structure or establish your IRA.

Hopefully this article has helped clarify how to add Gold Bullion to an IRA. Credit Suisse gold bar are an excellent choice. Be aware of one thing. You can still invest directly in bullion gold. You do not have to add gold bullion to your IRA.

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