Growing Your Side Business while Commuting to Work

Prior to quitting my job of 9-5 six years ago I dreaded my 45-minute daily commute. While sitting in traffic, I’d get annoyed thinking of all I could do for my company instead.

It was only later that I realized how valuable your commutes in the morning and the evening can be to your business in The time spent in your car may be the only opportunity you get to spend alone during the day, with few distractions. (Emails, Twitter, Facebook, colleagues, family and friends).

You need to become a master of time management as an entrepreneur who is running a side business. It’s important to make the most of your commute. You don’t want to waste time listening to music, or replaying the last argument you had with your partner or your boss. Instead you should use that time to expand your knowledge and learn something new.

It is true that business success comes from IDEAS and not only hard work. You don’t need a network event, a computer or even a pitch from a salesperson to expand your business. You are able to grow your business when you learn, expand, and cultivate your mind. You are growing your “human-capital” that will benefit you throughout your entire life.

There are five ways to expand your mind and find new ideas while you’re in the bus, train, or car on your way to work.

Listening to an audio book on business is a great way to use your commute to work

On the market, there are literally hundreds of business books that can change your life. Sometime I wish I could instantly absorb the information from these books through osmosis, and then use that knowledge to propel my business forward. Listening to an audiobook is a good alternative. You can download the latest business books to your iPod, or any other audio device.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to make the most of your commute to work.

Listening to podcasts about business is another way you can make the most of your commute. You can use podcasts to keep up with the latest business trends and expand your knowledge. Podcasts, which are regularly created and published, can help you stay up to date with new ideas, applications, marketing techniques, social media insights, and other tools for business.