Best Architectural Design Software:

This guide can help you choose the ideal architectural design software for your requirements.

While I was a student of architecture at the time, I remember being quite overwhelmed by all the choices I had. As everyone was learning a program in 2003 (my second year), I had to select one for myself. Archicad was the software I chose after a lot of research and discussion with my co-workers. It seemed like it would be most suitable for our needs. Visit architectural drafting supplies before reading this.

It’s time to move on. Today, the market for architectural design software has a lot more options than it did a couple of years ago.

1. ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD remains my top recommendation to rookies. This software is intuitive and easy to learn. This means that as a designer or architect, you’ll be able quickly to learn and apply the main commands. A free version of the software can be downloaded.

2. Chief Architect

This is actually a 3D architectural design home software. This software has built-in automation tools for home design, renovation, interior design, kitchen and bath design. Learn why US architects choose Chief Architect as their home design software of choice for both 2D and3D designs. If you feel this is a more suitable option for your needs, then give it a try.

3. Punch Software

The application is titled America’s Number One Home & Landscape Design Software. It combines NexGen power with LightWorks photographic quality for stunning realism. You can create realistic designs of homes yourself, or to sell. Visit their website to see it.

4. Autocad Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture, also known as AutoCAD Architecture for architects is an AutoCAD package. Architectural drafting features help to build documents and designs more efficiently, in the familiar AutoCAD interface. You are welcome to try out this version before purchasing.

5. Vectorworks Architect

It’s my favorite and I saved it until the very end. Although it is complex and difficult to learn, once you get used to it, it delivers fast results. This is a program for techno-geeks, not for newbies.