Combi Ovens What are they?

Combi-Ovens are the ultimate in versatility rotaryana, combining three cooking modes into one unit. Also known as a combi steamer, these ovens use dry heat either still or with a fan as well as the ability to inject steam when needed.

Combi-Ovens are a multi-purpose piece of catering equipment that has many advantages. The Combi-Oven can create beautifully tender roasts. Because the food is cooked in an atmosphere filled with steam, it won’t lose moisture or dry out.

Instead of boiling vegetables in water, steaming them in a Combi-Oven preserves more of the natural colour and taste. The texture and taste of delicate seafood can be preserved by steaming them in combination ovens.

The convection fan ovens are great for baking, as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire oven. All baked goods will be cooked perfectly.

The temperature of pre-cooked foods can be quickly brought up to the serving temperature, negating any need to keep them hot for extended periods.

Combi-Ovens can even be used to fry dry chips or similar food using the oil in the food.

You may be worried that cooking different food in the same oven will result in a taste transfer. However, many ovens come with a self-cleaning feature that allows you to clean the oven of any leftover flavours.

Combi Ovens can be found in different sizes, so they will fit any kitchen. This includes small kitchens and independent caterers. However, many think of the large Combi Ovens used by larger kitchens. It is possible to determine what size of oven you need by looking at the amount and types of food that will be cooked. Good suppliers can calculate and give advice about the most suitable options.

You may have several questions about an oven you want to ask before buying it. For example, is there a need for a water-filtration system? What is required to install and use the oven? How easy is it to clean and operate the oven.

The more expensive ovens often have an integrated filtration, while budget-oriented models do not. They will need to use an external system. Filtration is required to avoid the accumulation of scale on the working parts and oven cavity to maintain the efficiency and longevity of the appliance.

Combi ovens can come with either gas or electricity. For larger ovens, you will also need to have 3 phase electricity. You’ll also require water and drainage. However, the smaller ovens often feature an integrated reservoir which is filled manually.