How can you bring your man closer to you by embracing the feminine energy in yourself?

Are you feeling like you must take a stand and be assertive in order to control the situation with your spouse or partner?

It’s okay to feel scared or confused about being feminine. See description for get more info.

The problem is that it did not work.

It’s frustrating to try so hard and use all your energy, but nothing happens.

Continue to do what is working in your relationships.

You’re probably reading this because you’re searching for solutions and you need to quit doing things that don’t work.

For a happy relationship, there must be a gender balance. Women tend to lean more towards the feminine side, while men are inclined toward the masculine.

When it comes to the relationship we have, however, we are confused and unsure of our respective roles.

The women’s equality movement has made significant progress.

Do we feel any better that we are leaders in the business world, politics and almost every other area?

Does this mean that we have a confused view of femininity and therefore are not able to be authentic or reach our potential in relationships?

According to my view, a big problem that exists in our world today is the fact that we are all very masculine and have denigrated the feminine as being unworthy.

This is why it is so important that both the masculine and feminine are equally essential.

In a harmonious relationship, these energies must be balanced.

Consider 2 ballroom dancing couples. What a pleasure it would be to observe the perfect synchronicity between the two as the male leads and female follows.

The woman is usually more talented, though we all love to see a woman express her femininity!

Imagine if both of them were trying to be the leader.

The result would be swollen, bruised toes and no success!

It’s the way I view masculine and female in our relationships.

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