Green Refining: A Definition for the Downstream Oil and Gas Industry

Environmental issues in the Oil & Gas Industry have become increasingly important. Government pressure has led to stricter laws on CO2 emission reduction and production of alternative fuels.

What does it mean to be GREEN? Governments, media and action groups are encouraging the Oil & Gas Industry to become GREEN.

What is Green Oil Reclamation Services Amlon Group and how can it be defined?

Green Refining, a term that is used in a wide range of industries and sectors within the Oil & Gas sector can refer to a few different things. However, they all share a similar goal: reducing the negative environmental impact of the Oil & Gas Industry by reducing the emissions of GHGs and CO2.

Green refining covers a wide range of topics, including:


Technology for CO2 reduction

Improving energy efficiency

Cogeneration in Refineries

Fuels with Low Carbon Content

Emissions – Gas, Liquid & Solid

Refining & Petrochemicals: Strategies to Reduce Emissions

– Factors and Sources that Affect Refinery CO2 emissions

– Reduce other types of emissions (liquid, gas and solid)

CO2 Capture & Sequestration

Meet the GHG Reduction Goals with Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)

The Carbon Capture Methods: Pre-Combustion and Oxycombustion


Captured CO2 – Injection and Uses in Depleted Oil and Natural Gas Fields

Renewable Energy Sources including Biofuels

– Alternative Fuels and Biofuels: Their Future, Development and Competitiveness

Electricity from Renewable Resources: Status, Prospects and Impediments

Promoting the Growth of Renewable Energy

Green Refining is a subject that has been discussed extensively, and in particular Green House Gases emissions.

Green House Gases (GHG) & Co2 Emissions have been on the forefront of this century’s energy discussion. Growing interest in CO2 emissions and their impact on climate change and global warming is the obvious reason.

The Oil, Gas & Energy sector is responsible for 70% of global GHG emission. What are the options available to them, and what can they do?


CO2 Capture



The growing concerns about climate change are due to the increasing emissions of CO2 and Green House Gases.

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